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Jouffroy Passage

Located in the heart of the 9th arrondissement in the Passage Jouffroy, a stone's throw from the Musée Grévin.

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday : 11am - 7pm


Serpette market

Located in the heart of the Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen, Paul Bert Serpette has been the world's largest antiques market since it opened in 1885.

- Friday: 9am - 12pm
-  Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 6pm

A family passion

A passion for Baroque art and 18th century decorations is often a matter of tradition and family heritage. In our case, this love of refined ornamentation and Baroque decor has been passed down for over 30 years. At La Maison du Roy, parents, children and friends work hand in hand.

What often begins as an admiration of elaborate curves, lush gilding and historic paintings, turns into a quest to collect and preserve these historical treasures. This devotion is also a way of maintaining the link with the past and making it relevant to future generations.

The guiding principle

Baroque, Baroque and Baroque! La Maison du Roy offers a blend of authentic antiques and modern decor inspired by the 18th century. This fusion captures the essence of the opulence and rich detail characteristic of the period.

Our approach is simple: we work mainly with artisans who hand-make products using impressive techniques and noble materials.

Facts & figures


94% of our customers rate us 5 stars on Google


We have over 29,000 products in stock


We receive over 100k visitors every year


95% of our suppliers are European


We have 32 years of experience

Let's become partners

We work with the best craftsmen

La Maison du Roy showcases quality products, handcrafted by passionate artisans. Become our partner and let's create sumptuous interiors together. Let's combine our talents and share 18th-century excellence with the world.
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